What is it?  BULK NUTRIENTS THERMO-WHEY is designed to get your metabolism up and firing. Protein content is high to help repair your muscles after exercise (guess what, your body can burn more calories repairing itself than it did in the exercise session). 9 key fat burning ingredients have been strategically included to improve the utilisation of stored calories (fat) by improving fat release, digestion, glucose metabolism, thyroid function and insulin sensitivity. All the bases are covered here in taking at off at an accelerated rate.  

Who Should take it?  THERMOWHEY can be used by males and females alike that are serious about getting their body into great shape. It is a versatile Protein powder as it can be used directly after exercise, breakfast smoothy or afternoon snack to keep your body fuelled until dinner time. The addition of the Slow acting Casein Protein to this formula helps you feel fuller for longer.

What does it do?   BULK NUTRIENTS have blended equal portions of fast acting Whey Protein Isolate and Slow-release Micellar Casein. This provides an initial fast release of amino acids with the WPI, followed by a constant release of protein into the bloodstream over the next few hours. This gives the body a constant drip feeding of amino acids, essential for muscle growth and the repair you need after a tough exercise session.

Protein content is super high at 85% while carbohydrates and fat added together is less than 1 gram per serve (that’s about as low as it gets). The Protein sources are cold filtered, leaving only half a gram of Lactose and .3 of a gram of Fat. Cold filtering keeps the natural protein fractions intact, allowing them to impart their benedictional properties to your digestive system. 

The 9 added fat burning ingredients help the body release fat for energy and also assist with digestive function and nutrient absorption. Caffeine, Green Tea and Citrus Arantium increase adrenaline which does 2 great things. Firstly it gives you a mild boost in energy (gets you up and moving) and secondly Adrenaline releases fat from fat stores. 

Digestion is improved with the addition of SesaminGlucomannan, Olive Leaf extract and Cayenne pepper. Rounding out this fat burning stack are Forskolin to assist with Thyroid health and the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic acid to improve insulin sensitivity. Overall a very comprehensive, multi faceted fat burning formula that compliments the Whey and Casein proteins.

How do I take it? One scoop BULK NUTRIENTS THERMOWHEY directly after an exercise session or can be used throughout the day to provide extra Protein to your current eating plan. Larger Athletes may require 2 scoops to satisfy their protein requirements.  This is a formula for people looking to burn fat, repair and recover without any unnecessary calories.


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