What is it?  BULK NUTRIENTS BCAA RECOVERY is a blend of essential amino acid, electrolytes and vitamins to help power you through any type of exercise session.

Who Should take it?  People looking to improve recovery and performance from exercise will benefit from using BULK NUTRIENTS BCAA RECOVERY while they are exercising.  This formula is not sports specific, so basically anyone performing any type of sport or exercise (even Bikram yoga) will benefit.

What does it do? Bulk Nutrients BCAA Recovery is designed to perform three main functions

  • Supply BCAA to exercising muscles to prevent said muscles being broken down for energy production.
  • Improve performance by providing better blood flow to the working muscles via the amino acid L-Citruline. Citruline enables Nitric Oxide production which helps nutrients get to the working muscles while allowing natural waste products to be removed at a faster rate.
  • The added Electrolytes assist with hydration and performance. Now for the really cool part, BULK NUTRIENTS have added 600mg Vitamin B6 to each serve to assist with energy production. Doesn’t sound that cool yet? 600mg of B6 is the dosage used in studies to insure Prolactin levels in men stay relatively low. Low Prolactin levels insure that men stay hard (when and where it counts).

Does the research translate into real world results … I wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t measureable. 

How do I take it? One scoop BULK NUTRIENTS BCAA RECOVERY during exercise sessions should be sufficient to speed up the recovery process. The Lemonade and watermelon sherbet flavours taste pretty good, so dumping some in my water bottle throughout the day just makes it easier to get all my water in for the day.

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