What is it?  ATP Science Alpha Jupiter is a blend of herbs designed to improve performance in the gym, during sport and in the bedroom. As their website says, “it will put a horn on a jelly fish”. ATP Science go to great lengths to insure maximum potency and purity of their blends. An example of this is how it took 4 years to find a Shilajit supplier that provided the purity ATP Science needed for Alpha Jupiter.

Who Should take it?  Men, manly men or wannabe manly men. Great for athletes trying to push their training and results to the limit. The enhanced testosterone profile will be needed for optimal recovery from intense training sessions. Ideal for guys with low overall energy and/or libidos looking to put some vitality back into all aspects of their life.

What does it do? Alpha Jupiter has been designed to put your sex hormones back into balance by 1. Increase natural levels of testosterone production in males 2. Increase free testosterone levels – free testosterone aids in protein synthesis 3. Enhance Libido and male potency 4. Sustain higher normal level of testosterone – through blocking negative feed-back loops. 5. Block the conversion of Testosterone to DHT.

Testosterone is a key hormone in the body that has many positive effects in both Men and Women. Simply put testosterone builds muscle and helps stop muscles loss. by blocking negative feedback loops. Women would benefit more from ATP Science Alpha Venus.

How do I take it?  1to2 capsules twice daily with meals. Can be taken in conjunction or periodically alternated with ATP Science Alpha Apex.

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