Low Carb Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Low Carb Mexican Breakfast Bowl

This is a great way to get some quality nutrients in while having a break from the traditional breakfast meals like oats.


  • 60g egg whites (2 x egg whites)
  • 1 whole eggs (50g)
  • 50g chopped ham
  • 60g black or kidney beans
  • 30g Bega 50% less fat cheese
  • 50g chopped cherry tomato
  • 20g diced red onion
  • 50g choppped cucumber
  • 30g avacado sliced
  • 50g chobani plain yogurt
  • Wedge of lime or lemon
  • Chopped corriander (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Makes 1  serve.


  • Cook egg and egg whites in a hot pan (spray with oil)
  • Empty cooked eggs into a bowl, then lightly heat up beans and ham in same pan. Add heated beans and ham to eggs.
  • Sprinkle cheese, tomato, cucumber and onion on top
  • Garnish with dollop of chobani, corriander and a squeeze of lime/lemon

Approximate macros per serve:

Protein: 43g  Fat: 18g  Carbs: 14g  Calories: 405

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