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All the staff here at PLANETMAX have done multiple Bodybuilding/Figure competitions over the years and we feel it can be a life changing experience for anybody up for the challenge. While there is usually some trepidation when launching into any new endeavour, the benefits of Participating in a bodybuilding competition can far outweigh any nerves or reservations you may currently have.  Here are four good reasons to consider doing your first bodybuilding competition:

  1. Personal Growth and Discipline: Preparing for a bodybuilding/Figure competition requires a high level of dedication and discipline. By adhering to your workout and nutrition plans and prioritizing what needs to be done to be at your best, will instil valuable life skills like time management, perseverance, flexibility and self-control. 
  2. Physical Transformation: Preparing for a bodybuilding competition often leads to significant changes to your physique and performance. You'll work on sculpting your physique, building muscle mass, and reducing body fat percentage. The visible progress and changes in your body can be a powerful motivator and boost your confidence.
  3. Learning About your body: Competing in a bodybuilding competition is one of the fastest ways to get a firsthand lesson on Nutrition, Weight training, Motivation and supplementation that is far beyond anything you may learn on a fitness course or YouTube video (cover all your bases and do the fitness course too). For a Personal trainer it will give you some street cred along with the added knowledge that what you are teaching your clients works. For a regular gym goer, it can accelerate your learning and progress so you can get the most out of your gym sessions in the years ahead.
  4. Making new Friends: Being surrounded by a group of super positive coaches and like minded fellow competitors will create the ideal environment for you to be the best version of yourself. Most people at your gym will also be very supportive of your commitment and determination and may use it for fuel to motivate themselves with their own goals.

Participating in a bodybuilding competition can be a very positive experience when it is done for the right reasons (Health, Friendship, Knowledge, Challenge, Adventure). With the right team around you Competing is a truly transformative experience.