10 Weeks Out Update

10 Weeks Out Update


Key Notes:
  1. Lost my tan
  2. Still a bit crooked
  3. Still no ass
  4. Lost some bodyfat

Things are moving along nicely! I'm trying to be more mindful of my left-side lean! When I take the progress pics, I just close my eyes, relax and stand as comfortably as possible, just so I can tell which areas need to be worked on. So as the lean still presents itself, the solution will be chiro for a bit of a re-alignment. I need a good back cracking!! I'm also noticing not a lot of hamstring development, unless I actually pose them and make them pop out! As I've usually started my leg workouts with focusing on quads, next phase of training will focus on hamstrings more. Two ways I'm thinking of doing this is starting with wide/high foot placement on leg press followed by hamstring curls, and then go with the more quad dominant exercises; or ... split leg days!! Quads and Shoulders, and then Back and Hamstrings a few days later!

Diet wise... I've been having two of the same meals per day (just because I'm too lazy to cook multiple meals)! Started off with fish and rice, then chicken and potato, and now we're on Satay Chicken and Rice!! Think I might be sticking with this one for a while as it allows me to hit the fat macros pretty easily with the Satay Sauce! Other meals just include whatever I feel like to fit my macros. Mornings are usually protein pancakes with sugar free maple syrup, berries and peanut butter; or overnight protein oats with chia seeds; or a shake with oats, protein, tropical fruit and flax seeds. 
Snacks can be anything from sushi, to mars bars, to lollies, protein bars etc... And the pre-bed snack is usually a little bit higher in fat, so a bit more peanut butter with rice-cakes, fruit, yoghurt etc. Just depends on how many calories I have left over for the day, this is the meal where I hit the 'left-over' calories from the day. If I'm hungrier throughout the day, there's not much for this meal, but if I'm feeling a bit full throughout, then it's likely to be toast with nutella, or ice-cream ...or both!

I'm off on a holiday to QLD for a week soon, so that will present a few challenges! Whenever I'm not prepared, I succumb to whatever smells good when I'm at my hungriest (lol)... WISH ME LUCK!

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