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What is it?  WHITE WOLF have formulated a Vegan friendly Pre-workout that has no added artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, while still providing a serious boost to your gym/sporting performance. One of the other cool things that WHITE WOLF  do is use the Standardised Name brand ingredients, that cost more, but are guaranteed to give you 100% of what is stated on the label.

Who Should take it? This is NOT a high stim Teenage Junkie Preworkout. This formula was designed for a person looking to improve performance without loading their system up with excessive stimulants/artificial flavours/colours and sweeteners. This is the “Thinking Person’s” Pre-workout.

What does it do? WHITE WOLF PREWORKOUT is an all-natural pre workout formula, designed to provide a surge of energy, laser-like focus, endurance and pump, all without the post-workout crash

  • VASO 6 as the name suggests is a patented pump formula that will increase blood flow to working muscles, which greatly improves nutrient and oxygen delivery. Some added L-Citruline improve the pump.
  • TEACRINE is a patented Green Tea extract delivering a standardised dose of Green Tea for improved mood, focus and energy.
  • CELL CHARGE delivers Fulvic minerals to assist in digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Beta Alanine helps reduce lactic acid build up thus improving endurance.
  • HMB rounds out this Pre-workout formula by assisting with muscle recovery from intense exercise.

How do I take it? One scoop of WHITE WOLF PRE 30 min before exercise is the standard serving size. If you are over 90kg you may require a little extra.

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