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What is it?  WHITE WOLF is known for purity of product and their Essential Amino formula is no exception.  They have packed all 9 essential amino acids, fermented glutamine, an electrolyte complex and some other ingredients to help with digestion into this quality amino blend. All 3 flavours are naturally sweetened, and all ingredients are friendly to those on vegan eating plans.

 Who Should take it? Anyone looking to recover better from exercise and improve performance will benefit from this formula.  The flavours are exceptional and will help you consume more water throughout the day.

The big selling point for this product is that it is suitable for vegans and people looking to reduce artificial flavours and sweeteners. Gluten free, Plant derived, Non GMO and stevia sweetened.

What does it do? WHITE WOLF ESSENTIAL AMINOS is designed to perform four main functions.

  • Supply all 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS to help with Recovery, muscle sparring and performance during exercise.
  • Added Bromelain, fermented glutamine and Fulvic minerals to assist in digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Curcumin to help with joint repair and inflammation reduction.
  • Provide ALL 4 of the main Electrolytes which will aid Performance, Hydration and energy levels. Most formulas don’t include Magnesium and Potassium to save on costs

How do I take it? One scoop ESSENTIAL AMINOS during exercise is as complicated as it gets. If you are exercising on an empty stomach first thing upon waking, then you may want to start sipping on it 10-15 minutes before you start your exercise session.

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