KXR  Pre-Workout

KXR Pre-Workout

What is it?  KXR Pre-workout by the American company VMI Sports is a VERY strong high stimulant pre-workout that can also be used as a thermogenic fat burner during intense cardio sessions. Whether you want to do a crazy weights session or rip fat off your body through intense cardio, KXR is the product for you.

Who should take it? Anyone wanting a very strong pre-workout or fat burner are going to love KXR. Beginners is not a term known to the good folk at VMI Sports, this is definitely a product for people that have been taking pre-workouts for a few years. Having said that, half a serve will still have plenty of kick in it to get a great session completed for most people.

What does it do? VMI Sports KXR has a whopping dose of 400mg of caffeine along with some bitter orange extract. If this doesn’t wake you up then nothing will!

Fortunately, KXR has more than a big dose of stimulants. The Performance and the Focus matrices give this product some extra depth in terms of improved performance.

PERFORMANCE MATRIX: Beta Alanine reduces lactic acid during exercise and has been included in the tested University dose of 3.2 grams. Taurine is great for overall cell function and energy production, 1.5 grams in this formula which is standard, personally 3 grams is a better dose in this humble scribe’s opinion. 150mg of Ancient Peat/Apple extract helps increase oxygen levels in your blood just enough to measurably improve sporting performance.

FOCUS MATRIX: No point having a ton of stims and feeling anxious or scattered. The inclusion of Choline and Huperzine help to smooth out the high caffeine content and allow you to remained focused on work at hand.

How do I take it?  Seasoned Athletes will require between ¾ to 1 scoops in 200mls of water 15-30 minutes before exercise, while regular gym goers will only need ½ a scoop to get a great pre-workout boost. If using as a fat burner throughout the day smaller doses evenly spaced out would be my suggestion.






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