What is it?  BPMLABS Annihilate is one of our strongest fat burners here at PLANETMAX. Designed to accelerate the fat burning process in conjunction with your nutritious eating and an intense exercise plan.

Who Should take it?  This product is designed for the serious gym goer or someone wanting to shift bodyfat quickly. Beginners can still use this product, but a half serve is going to be the way to go. BPMLABS slightly milder fat-burner, LIPORUSH, may be a better choice for most people, or at least a good place to start before you upgrade to the intensity of ANNIHILATE.

What does it do? BPMLABS ANNIHILATE has a combination of ingredients designed to increase mental focus and help your body to process stored fat and use it as energy.  

The Fat Burning/ Stimulant matrix is what makes ANNIHILATE stand out from others on the market. The combination of Caffeine, English Walnut, Cacao extract, Astragalus and Bitter Orange provide a strong and sustained surge of energy. 

Other non-stimulant ingredients like Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Tyrosine, GBBGO and Choline provide a solid foundation to help process fat for energy production once the Stimulants have encouraged the fat cells to start releasing stored fat into the blood.

How do I take it? 1 scoop 20-30 minutes before exercise in 200ml of water. Some people find ¾ scoop first thing in the morning with a top-up dose of another ¾ scoop early afternoon, to be an effective fat burning schedule. Make sure to take at least one day per week off ALL caffeine and fat burners to give your nervous system a break.


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