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Sinner Power-up Preworkout

Sinner Power-up Preworkout

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What is it?  Sinner power-up Pre-workout is one of the stronger pre-workouts on the market. It is designed to increase pumps, endurance, focus and performance while exercising. Great for helping anyone serious about making some quality gains reach their goals. 

Who Should take it?  This formula is designed for people that have been using pre-workout for quite a while already and can handle the high stimulant content. Those looking to avoid creatine will want to give this product a go. Newbies would still benefit from a half or three quarter serve.

What does it do? SINNER POWER-UP has most of the bases covered in terms of improving performance in the gym or on the sporting field. The formulation has been designed to Increase pump (supply of blood and nutrients to the working muscles) as well as improved, Mental focus and Endurance.

Pump:  will be enhanced via the Agmatine Sulphate and Vaso 6 combination.

Endurance: Beta Alanine will help increase Carnosine levels in your muscles and more Carnosine means less Lactic acid build-up.

Focus and Drive: this formula is absolutely stacked with ingredients designed to activate and support your nervous system and fire you up. The stimulant side of the equation comes from a big dose of Caffeine along with English walnut, Teacrine and Synephrine. The support side of the formula is probably more impressive as most pre-workouts tend to overlook this. To keep your nerves firing and stop the post-crash Sinner utilises Choline, Tyrosine and L-Theonine.

How do I take it?  ¾ to1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. For Lighter/smaller people ½ scoop should be sufficient for a great workout. As we usually recommend, you can start the dosage low and gauge your tolerance to the product. You can always bump the dosage up it in the next exercise session if a half serve wasn’t quite enough the first time.

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