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Muscle Building Supplement and Diet Stack

Muscle Building Supplement and Diet Stack

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What does the plan include?
The plan includes following supplements along with a nutrition plan designed by our in house Nutritionist.

  • 1 x PRE-WORKOUT – High Stimulant pre-workout aimed at giving you the best workout possible while increasing blood-flow to the muscles.
  • 1 x WEIGHT GAIN PROTEIN– high quality carbs and protein blend for maximum muscle growth.
  • 1 x CREATINE  – pharmaceutical grade Creatine Monohydrate, helps with strength, muscle cell volumisation and endurance (as it leads to ATP replenishment).
  • 1 x TEST BOOSTER – Herbal capsules to help increase testosterone levels for maximum protein synthesis and muscle gain.
  • 1 x  SHAKER
  • 1 x  A SAMPLE MUSCLE BUILDING NUTRITIONAL PLAN (complete with macro and calorie breakdowns for each meal and ingredient), advice on how and when to use the above supplements, and general guidelines related to your diet.

A build diet is aimed at muscle and/or weight gain. For successful gains, you would be required to stay in a daily caloric surplus (eating more calories than required for weight maintenance), and most importantly staying in a positive nitrogen balance to ensure protein synthesis will be taking place. What keeps you in a positive nitrogen balance is eating more protein than your body requires for normal functions. Eating protein in excess provides the perfect environment for protein synthesis (muscle building) under the right stimulus – training! Benefits of the diet alone are that it leads to increases in muscle, strength and energy output; there are numerous benefits shown to be the results of training and gaining muscle, including: increased physical performance, metabolic efficiency, decreased risk  of injury, more energy, elevated mood, and improved immune system.

Planet Max coaches are not dieticians or doctors and will not be held liable for any illness, injury or personal circumstance which may arise while undertaking this plan. Before changing any nutritional or exercise plan, Planet Max Pty Ltd recommends consulting with your own health practitioner. By undertaking this plan, you acknowledge you have read and understood the disclaimer.

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