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Liberty Labz Man the F%#k UP
Liberty Labz Man the F%#k UP

Liberty Labz Man the F%#k UP

Liberty Labz
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What is it?  LIBERTY LABZ has delivered again with this “Body re-composition and hardening agent” or as we like to call them, Testosterone Booster. For those looking to improve Strength, recovery, performance and general energy levels throughout the day then this product could be for you

Who Should take it?  We would class this product in the mild range of Testosterone Boosters and a good place to start for those new to Test Boosters. Reducing cortisol and getting your Testosterone levels back to normal will produce a cascade of positive outcomes. With our busy western lifestyles, it is not difficult to run yourself into the ground. If you have been stuck in 2nd gear for quite a while, then getting your energy levels back to normal will feel surprisingly good.

 What does it do?  Man the F%#K UP has been designed to bring your Testosterone/Cortisol ratios back into a positive muscle building balance. Let’s look at the ingredients

  • Ashwagandha is a herb that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce inflammation, reduce cortisol levels and relieve stress and anxiety. Cortisol is essential for health however too much will create a catabolic environment conducive to muscle loss. By taking the edge off cortisol production we push the balance back in favour of anabolism. A lot of positive studies of late
  • Laxogenin however has way less research, with those successful studies using a much larger dose than in this product. As with most blends the synergistic effect of several combined ingredients produces the desired effect.
  • Phospidyl Choline is a great ingredient for reducing cortisol and general health. Unfortunately, the dosage here is way too low.
  • Shalajit is an interesting ingredient from the Himalayas that has been shown in one study to increase testosterone levels by 20%. Most of the anecdotal evidence points to increases in exercise performance. More research would be nice, for now it appears to be a possible boost to energy and performance in the gym.
  • Vitamin D3 is actually slightly anabolic to muscle tissue, it’s a mild effect but I’ll take it. The dosage here of 2500iu is actually an effective amount.

Considering how other Liberty Labz products are Super Potent, this Testosterone booster on paper looks a little under-done.

How do I take it?  3 capsules daily with food. Breakfast is the recommended amount. Take for 8 weeks followed by 3-4 weeks off