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Liberty Labz Lit the F%#k Up

Liberty Labz Lit the F%#k Up

Liberty Labz
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What is it?  LIBERTY LABZ is a Brash and Bold American company that aren’t afraid to push their formulas to the edge. With all the limits on what can be put in a fat burning formula in Australia, this product still manages to put an array of effective fat incinerators into each serve.

Who Should take it?  We would class this product in the  strong range of legal fat burners. Suitable for those wishing to accelerate the positive effects of good diet and added cardio. Will be great to give you the extra energy to take it up a gear and show those fat cells who’s the boss. With a heavy stimulant component in this formula people new to exercise or with health problems (heart/blood pressure) should avoid this fat burner and look at RESET Thermogenic Activator instead.

What does it do? Lit the F%#K UP has been designed to give you a huge burst in energy levels and clarity while dumping enough Adrenaline in your system to scare fat out of storage and into the blood. You will get fat being processed and you will have the energy to do extra work in the gym, double win. Let’s look at the ingredients

  • Caffeine and Di Caffeine Malate provide a steady release of the world’s favourite stimulant/ fat-burner. 
  • Theobromine is the mild feel good stimulant naturally found in chocolate. Coupled with Green tea extract they provide some support and refinement to the sledgehammer that is caffeine.
  • N-Phenylethyldimethylamine HCl – A trace amine that provides amazing energy and focus by increasing brain monoamines: dopamine and noradrenaline. Regular PEA products last about 5 minutes before being metabolised in the intestine or if it makes it that far, the liver. The extra Di-methyl part of this naturally occurring plant extract allows it to stay active in your body for a few hours.
  • Dimethylethanolamine – A precursor molecule for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for both muscular contraction and attention in the brain. May help you avoid a crash from the big Caffeine hit from the first 2 ingredients in this formula.
  • Juglans Regia – another plant extract (English walnut) that provides a positive increase in mood along with a mild appetite supressing effect. A mild suppression of appetite can make the dieting process a whole lot easier.

The proprietary blends listed on the label unfortunately don’t list the exact dosages of the ingredients. Sometimes this is a good way to hide the fairy sprinkle dosages of the more expensive ingredients. However, in my opinion this formula delivers big time on Energy, Focus and a mild suppression of appetite, leading me to think they have not skimped on quality. Bottom line, 1 capsule works a treat.

How do I take it?  1 capsule early in the day is a great start, don’t take 2 at once. If you a looking to shred up for competition then a 2nd capsule later in the afternoon will keep the fat burning effect rolling, just make sure not to take the product too late in the day to avoid a restless sleep.