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What is it?  KODIAK SPORTS NUTRITION has a great range of products and their Testosterone/Anabolic Booster is refreshingly different to the other products in this category. There are a ton of new and exciting (albeit a little un-tested) ingredients in this Anabolic Activator. 

Who Should take it?  Testosterone boosters are generally used by males to increase the male hormone testosterone. While the female body makes small amounts of testosterone, most female athletes tend to give Test Boosters a miss. Because the ingredients in KODIAK 12 GAUGE work on a variety of Anabolic pathways other than just Testosterone production, this will be a suitable product for the Ladies that want to accelerate muscle growth too. People under the age of 25 will still benefit from this product for the same reasons even if their Testosterone levels are still naturally high.

What does it do? KODIAK 12 GAUGE is designed primarily to increase muscle mass and does so by favourably altering the ratio of Anabolic to Catabolic hormones in your body through a variety of pathways. They have used an interesting combination of mostly new ingredients (new to me) so lets have a look of what is driving this product,

TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION: Paederia Foetida  has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac. Western medicine has just one study so far where an Indian University used the dried herb to almost double the Testosterone levels in tested rats.

MORE TESTOSTERONE: fadogia agrestis is commonly used in African medicine to increase sex drive and virility. Insufficient data at this point to say how effective it is at increasing Testosterone production (if at all).

LAXOGENNIN: more specifically 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin has been added to bump up the anabolic effect even more. Like most herbs and plant extracts there is a lack of studies to support the claims scientifically. Normally gym talk is not a good enough feedback mechanism, but when those gym goers are Doctors, Police, Solicitors and people I know and trust are telling me they get noticeable gains on Laxogenin then maybe it is worth and go. 

MASLINIC ACID: is extracted from of the leaves and fruit of Olive trees. Again, most of the positive research has been done on animals (trout) and we aren’t sure how this translates into Human gym goers.

ZMA BLEND: this popular trio usually does wonders for those who are deficient in Zinc or Magnesium. As an active athlete it doesn’t hurt to bump up these essential minerals.

EPICATECHIN: will improve pump and reduce Myostatin activation. The Myostatin gene can impair growth and Epicatechin will dull its effects.

Finally, a descent amount of Vitamin D3 has been added to ramp up anabolism. Technically Vitamin D is a sex hormone and has receptor on muscle cells similar to Testosterone.

How do I take it? 3 capsules per day with food. Breakfast is usually the best time to take it, with food. If you are having a break from pre-workouts try taking 3 capsules of 12 gauge an hour before the workout to give you an extra boost. After 2 months of use of this product it is best to have a month off.