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What is it?  KILLER LABZ Stim Reaper is a VERY strong high stimulant pre-workout that can also be used as a thermogenic fat burner. Not only will Exercise intensity and fat burning be improved by this product, it also delivers a nice sense of well being, similar to the pre-workouts of the past.

Who should take it? Anyone wanting a very strong pre-workout or fat burner are going to love STIM REAPER.   

Beginners were not front and centre in mind when the good people at KILLER LABZ were designing this product. This is definitely a product for people that have been taking pre-workouts for a few years. Remember, we take pre-workouts to improve performance and get us to our goals a fraction earlier. Taking too much stimulant will actually detract from performance, you may have trouble staying completely focused on the task.

What does it do? KILLER LABZ Stim Reaper has a whopping dose of 400mg of caffeine along with some other really cool stimulants that really make it sing.

Eria Jarensis has been around a few years now and is a great source of N-PEA. N-PEA has been touted as a replacement for the banned favourites DMAA and Ephedrine. While not having quite the bang as DMAA it does compliment the effects of the caffeine, it just doesn’t quite have the euphoric effect of the DMAA.

The next cool stimulant in the formula is Juglans Regia derived from walnuts. This is a natural form of the banned DHMA.Again im not sure if its quite as strong as the synthetic version but it’s strong enough in my opinion to get it banned sometime down the track.

There is a large 3000mg of beta-alanine here to reduce lactic acid and improve your endurance, this dosage is almost guaranteed to cause the famous Beta-Alanine itch. Fortunately for most people, this will usually subside after 10 minutes or so.  

How do I take it?  Males will require between ¾ to 1 scoops in 200mls of water 15-30 minutes before exercise, while most women will only need ½ a scoop to get a great pre-workout boost. If using as a fat burner throughout the day smaller doses evenly spaced out would be my suggestion.