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Immune System Booster Pack

Immune System Booster Pack

RESET Nutrition
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Most “Immune system Booster” these days are just antioxidant blends. These are great for over-all health, don’t stop using them, however antioxidants don’t directly help your immune system. So, what can we do to directly positively influence our Immune systems

The 2 things that make the biggest difference in boosting your Immune system are Improving your Gut health and reducing excessive Cortisol. These 2 products in combination do just that. 

Reset Nutrition Adrenals (with Ashwaganda, Curcimum, Holy Basil) help reduce cortisol and allow your T-Cells to do their thing. This product is designed to re-normalise your body’s natural release pattern of cortisol production (high first thing upon waking and lower throughout the rest of the day and evening). Sleep will be improved particularly with those who drink too much coffee. 

Having a varied range of good bacteria in your gut from a long standing habit of healthy nutrition will fortify your immune system. Up to 70% of your immune system cells are in your gut and with your digestive system at it's peak  you will have the best chance of mounting a successful response to viruses.

To help boost the function and health of your digestive system we can add products like Barleans Greens to a breakfast smoothie or post exercise protein shake. With added fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, your whole body will benefit. Suitable for vegans and the chocolate taste (cocoa processed with Alkali) makes this taste much better than most greens formulas. 

30 day supply, 1 serve of Barleans per day and 1-2 capsules of Adrenals per day. Adrenals may only need 1 capsule per day , then it will be enough for 60 days.


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