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Detox Supplement and Diet Stack

Detox Supplement and Diet Stack

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This plan includes the following supplements along with a tried and tested Nutrition plan designed by our in house Nutritionist.

  • 1 x GREENS Formula – Alkaline Superfood – an optimal blend of green vegetable nutrition; formulation of four key greens superfoods and sweetened with stevia to bring you an all natural, all in one antioxidant, vitamin and mineral supplement. 
  • 1 x GLUTAMINE– component of Glutathione which neutralises amonia in muscle cells, and also aids in digestion by improving intestinal health.
  • 1 x WPC PROTEIN– naturally flavoured WPC from grass-fed, hormone free cows, and is 100% GMO free.
  • 1 x LIVER SUPPOER - a combination of traditional herbs designed to assist with healthy Liver function.

 + A SAMPLE DETOX/CLEANSE NUTRITIONAL PLAN (complete with macro and calorie breakdowns for each meal and ingredient), advice on how and when to use the above supplements, and general guidelines related to your diet.

The detox and cleanse diets have become the most popular quick weight-loss solutions in the recent years. This is mainly due to the initial rapid weight-loss people experience once they start following the diet. The principle behind these kinds of diets is to eliminate simple sugars, artificial sweeteners, and harmful fats, and replace them with fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and water! By switching up the diet to include more whole and health foods, the organs responsible for eliminating toxins (liver, kidneys, GIT, etc.) perform in a more optimal range. This also means that the immune system will be working more efficiently too. The inclusion of high fibre vegetables also protects against GIT cancers, while at the same time elimination of processed foods reduces the risk of other cancers and GIT inflammations.

Why purchase this plan?
It is much easier to follow a plan that is complete with diet recommendations, a sample diet and all the supplements suited for your goals. Think of it as a one-stop-shop to achieve those goals.

Who should try it?
While it is a lot more popular with women, there is no reason why men should not try this diet plan. It is suitable for anyone looking to lose weight quickly, tone up, and feel better and more energetic. If you find yourself trying numerous diets and not sticking to them for longer than a week due to lack of results, this diet will be more suited for you as the results come very quickly giving you that incentive to stick with it until you’ve reached your weight goals.

How long until I see results?
If you stick to the plan and follow the guide-lines, you should start seeing results within a week or two.

How do I purchase?
Once you've read and agreed to the waiver form, simply increase the "add to cart" amount to 1, choose the flavour of your protein and purchase the stack. After the purchase is finalised, you will be emailed with your sample diet and guide-lines, and your supplements will be posted to your address within two working days.

What if I have questions?
Once we email the sample diet to you, feel free to ask any questions you may have by simply replying to that email.

Planet Max coaches are not dieticians or doctors and will not be held liable for any illness, injury or personal circumstance which may arise while undertaking this plan. Before changing any nutritional or exercise plan, Planet Max Pty Ltd recommends consulting with your own health practitioner. By undertaking this plan, you acknowledge you have read and understood the disclaimer.


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