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Competition Preparation Coaching (Deposit)

Competition Preparation Coaching (Deposit)

Planet Max
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Full Competition Preparation Packages include the following (available online and face to face):

Your Consultations

  • The initial appointment will take the longest and usually lasts for 60mins, subsequent appointments are 20-30mins
  • At this appointment your personalised plan will be presented to you in full, based on a pre-comp pre questionnaire we provide you with before the consultation
  • The Initial consultation with be a full breakdown of your plan with:
    • Goal setting and commitments for your preparation and beyond
    • Your personalised nutritional plan tailored to you
    • A training program chosen to suit your experience level and goals
    • Body Weight, measurements and Body composition (muscle to fat ratios), where applicable
    • Photographs, taken for you on your device (done on initial and final appointments)
    • Action Plan and check sheets for the fortnight
    • Progress appraisals (online or face to face) every week including: Weight, tape measurements, body composition/body fat % breakdowns
    • We ask you to do a minimum of 2 x Post Competition Appraisals with us following the competition (in the two weeks following the competition), to ensure transition into offseason is smooth.  You may of course decide to continue consulting with us past this point on a week to week basis.

 Your Nutritional and Training Plans

  • You will be provided with an easy to follow, personal Macro’s/Calorized nutritional plan tailored specifically to you, your needs, body and goals.  There will be 2 days of variety on this plan and you will be shown how to interchange foods to enable you to continue this variety throughout your preparation and beyond.
  • Your plan will be reviewed at each appraisal and updated with any necessary changes
    • You will receive a Post competition review and strategy to help transition your nutrition and training into off season
    • All training plans are provided to you on both resistance and cardio through to competition and post

  Posing and Presentation

  • The ability to be-able to present yourself/your physique onstage is extremely important. As part of your competition preparation deposit you will receive a 30min one on one posing session with your coach. On top of this we also strongly recommend you take part in Group Posing Sessions or additional one on ones

  Pre and Post Competition Support

  • We are fortunate to have a very supportive group of people in the Planet Max team available to support you through your competition preparation journey.  One of the most important things to have around you while prepping for a competition, is like-minded people who can encourage you and know what you are going through.  You will be introduced to the Planet Max team and other clients to ensure you are well supported before and after your preparation.
  • Many of our clients find they enjoy their experience so much that they choose to stay on being coached once their competition has been completed.  As an ongoing client your nutrition and training programs continue to be updated depending on your goals and needs.  After completion of your chosen Competition please feel free to speak to us about continuing your experience with Planet Max.

Package Plans

 (applicable for both face to face and online clients)


Initial upfront cost to design your program and get you started   $ 299, paid before we begin work on your program

Ongoing charges (paid one week in advance via direct debit):

 - More than 16 weeks out of competition $ 45 per week (fortnightly consults)

 - 16 weeks out of competition $ 80 per week (weekly consults)

 - Post competition coaching  $ 45 per week (fortnightly consults)

Note: these prices are for new clients, if you are an existing client please contact us for payment options.

Your next step

Pay your deposit here and we will email you the ongoing weekly direct debit request and the initial questionnaires, which will provide us with all the information we need to get your personalised plan started.  Note, you will need to agree to the waiver to add product to cart, this can be read in 'Directions' tab.