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BPM Labs LipoRush Fat Burner

BPM Labs LipoRush Fat Burner

BPM Labs
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What is it?  BPMLABS LIPORUSH is one of our stronger fat burners here at PANETMAX. While it is not quite as stimulant heavy as its sister product BPMLABS Annihilate, it is still one of the most effective fat-burners on the market today.   

Who Should take it?  This product is designed to accelerate the fat burning process. Most PLANETMAX customers looking to trim up have got great results while using LIPORUSH alongside their nutrition and exercise regimes. Only the seasoned fat burner user or those resistant to stimulants really benefitted from going up to the stronger Annihilate.

What does it do? BPMLABS LIPORUSH has a combination of ingredients designed to increase promote fat loss and improved energy while exercising.  

The Stimulant complex in LIPORUSH guarantees a strong but sustained fat burning effect. The combination of Tetradium extract, Caffiene, Green Tea, Cacao extract, Nandina Domestica and Bitter Orange are just some of the proven ingredients in this formula. Again BPMLABS have added old school ingredient Naringen (from grapefruit peels) which helps extend the active life of all the above ingredients. An elegant trick really, squeezing the most out of what is there instead of just dumping heaps of extra caffeine into the system.

How do I take it? 1 tablet once in the morning....thats it.