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BPM Labs EstroBlok Estrogen Blocker
BPM Labs EstroBlok Estrogen Blocker

BPM Labs EstroBlok Estrogen Blocker

BPM Labs
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EstroBlok – Estrogen Reduction

What is it?  BPMLabs EstroBlok is a product designed to improve the ratio of testosterone to estrogen for the benefit of increased muscle mass, reducing body-fat and increasing libido.    

Who Should take it?  Natural Athletes and gym goers can use EstroBlok to improve recovery and increase muscle mass. Naughty boys taking illegal Anabolics can use it to help restore natural testosterone levels while counteracting the increase in unwanted Estrogen that can occur while taking such drugs. EstroBlok is sometimes used as a Fat burner for women (although the concept works equally well for men) as a lower Estrogen level will assist with the weight-loss and toning process.

What does it do? BPMLabs EstroBlok as the name suggests blocks the conversion of the body’s natural testosterone into Estrogen. The ingredients 6-Bromoandrostenedione, Chrysin and Indole 3-Carbinol all contribute to blocking this Estrogen conversion.

Coumesterol works by mimicking estrogen, thereby it blocks the full-fledged action of an estrogen hormone. This helps in two ways as the body benefits by the low-dose action of estrogen while being protected from its strong estrogen action.

Finally, Eurycoma Longifolia and Muira Pauma have been included in the formula to increase the natural production of testosterone.

How do I take it? 3 capsule during the day, with food. Probably better to space the tablets out throughout the day for better absorption. For females aiming to lower body fat levels 2 capsules daily should be adequate. Females would be advised to use brief cycles of EstroBlok with the goal being to modulate Estrogen levels to within a healthy range. Dropping Estrogen levels down too low will have more adverse side effects on the Female body than Males, so use sparingly. 

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