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BIOFLEX Night Shred

BIOFLEX Night Shred

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What is it?  BIOFLEX NIGHT SHRED is a new formula from our friends from BIOFLEX that offers an alternative to the regular Stimulant heavy fat burning products currently on the market. NIGHT has 14 great ingredients that work to improve sleep and get the body to process fat while you are sleeping.    

Who Should take it?  There are two main groups of people that can benefit from BIOFLEX NIGHT SHRED.

  1. Anyone using a DAY-time stimulant based fat burner who wants to maximize their fat burning by tapping into some stored fat while sleeping too.
  2. People wanting to avoid stimulants due to health reasons. If you are over 35% body-fat then a structured exercise and nutrition plan along with BIOFLEX NIGHT SHRED will be sufficient to shed a few kilos and get you into a healthier body fat percentage range. This group can use NIGHT SHRED during the day or before exercise.

What does it do   BIOFLEX NIGHT SHRED has a variety of different ingredients designed to assist with fat loss without stimulating the nervous system or adrenals.

  • Synephrine replaces the traditional stimulants while still improving the body’s ability to release stored fat for energy
  • Glycine helps to fortify the nervous system with reduced chance of an energy crash/come-down. Glycine is also important in growth hormone production which may also contribute to a leaner physique. While we are talking about growth hormone, NIGHT SHRED also has some Mucana Purien extract (L-Dopa) which assists with sleep while giving natural Growth hormone levels a nice boost.
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine helps fat to be transported into the mitochondria where it is processed for energy production and it can also be used to make neurotransmitters that keep your focus/mood at a constant level.
  • Forskolin has been added to the formula to support healthy thyroid function. The thyroid is responsible for about half your metabolic output (calories burned), so it is important to keep your thyroid active.
  • BCAA can assist in maintaining muscle mass during a dieting phase. Muscle mass is the main contributor to a healthy metabolism so we need to insure we retain as much muscle as possible in a dieting phase.

How do I take it? One scoop BIOFLEX DAY NIGHT 30 minutes before bed is as hard as it gets. These ingredients are well tolerated by the body which means you can stay on NIGHT SHRED for extended periods without a break. This is not the case with Stimulant based Fat burning products that need to be used periodically.