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BIOFLEX Collagen Peptides

BIOFLEX Collagen Peptides

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Bioflex Nutrition Collagen Peptides is more than just a protein powder

When you’re training hard at the gym day in, day out you can start to feel the effects on your body, especially on your joints.

Collagen makes up more than 30% of protein in the body and is an essential component of connective tissues. This makes Bioflex Collagen Peptides a great supplement for supporting healthy ligaments, tendons and mobile joints, and is a great tasting and easily absorbed.

Supplementing with Bioflex Nutrition Collagen peptides has a variety of benefits…

- Supports stronger and healthier joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage

- Lower risk of suffering from injuries and niggling aches and pains (such as tendonitis)

- Benefits for radiant skin, hair and nails

- Supports muscle growth and repair

- Dairy free source of pure protein ( up to 23g of protein per 25g serve)