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BIOFLEX Carb Fusion

BIOFLEX Carb Fusion

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What is it?  BIOFLEX CARBFUSION is multi-stage time released carbohydrate powder, great for those looking to add some extra calories to the diet or have more energy to power through exercise.  

Who Should take it?  People looking to add some extra calories throughout the day could add CARBFUSION to their protein shakes at breakfast, mid-morning, mid-afternoon or post-workout. Personally, I add Carb fusion to my pre-workout and intra-workout drinks to get a better pump and more energy during a weights session.

What does it do? Bioflex CARBFUSION is a blend of 4 different carbohydrates sources that offer a sustained release of glucose into the blood.

  • Dextrose: also called D-Glucose is the fastest absorbing form of carbohydrate and starts hitting the bloodstream only minutes after being ingested.
  • Maltodextrin: is the next fastest absorbing carbohydrate. It is broken down to glucose in the stomach and intestine before being absorbed and shuttled off to the muscles.
  • Waxy Maize: is basically a very long chain of glucose molecules. Enzymes in your digestive tract remove glucose molecules from each end of the chain, much like Pac-man. This takes time and you get a nice steady release of glucose into the blood. Large quantities of Waxy Maize by itself can upset peoples stomach. Bioflex have alleviated this by including Maltodextrin (waxy maize and maltodextrin seem to digest well together) and only limiting the quantity of waxy maize to just 25% of the formula.
  • Powdered Oats: Not only provides a slower digesting energy source, it also has some residual fibre and vitamins.

Overall this combination is better for digestion and loading the muscles with glycogen than taking any one of these carbohydrate formulas by themselves. 


How do I take it? This is a very versatile product. One to Two scoops BIOFLEX CARBFUSION before, during or after exercise sessions or can be used throughout the day for morning and afternoon tea to increase calories.