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BIOFLEX Biocharge Pre Workout

BIOFLEX Biocharge Pre Workout

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What is it? 
Bioflex BIOCHARGE Pre-workout has been reformulated to improve on what was already a solid pre-workout formula. It is designed to increase pumps, endurance, focus, strength and performance while exercising. With a large 13 gram serving size this product’s key ingredients have been dosed in quantities that have been proven in scientific studies. Thankfully, the newer pre-workout formulas are steering away from stimmed up concentrates and are actually using descent doses of proven ingredients  

Who Should take it? 
This formula is suitable for the whole spectrum of exercise enthusiast, right from the novice up to the seasoned pre-workout user. Because the non-stimulant ingredients have been supplied in large doses, less experienced pre-workout uses would still benefit from a three quarter serve. Larger male bodybuilders may need to go up to 1 ½ serve, however a double scoop really is just overkill and may make you jittery.

What does it do?

Bioflex BIOCHARGE ticks all the boxes in terms of improving sporting performance and favourably altering body composition.  The formulation has been designed to Increase pump (supply of blood and nutrients to the working muscles) as well as improved Strength, Mental focus and Endurance. Pump is delivered by a 3-grams of citruline as well as some Agmatine. Just enough of Beta Alanine is included to reduce lactic acid with too much of the skin itchiness.
Creatine has also been included to increase strength and explosiveness, something vital for weight lifting and most sports. The formula is rounded off with a 3-gram serve of BCAA to assist with muscle recovery and repair. 
Stimulant content is sensible with 255mg of caffeine. I know a lot of American formulas go up around the 400mg caffeine mark, but really at what dose does it become ridiculous. Remember the average coffee only has 80mg of caffeine, so personally 255mg is plenty.

How do I take it?
 ¾ to1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. For Females ½ scoop should be sufficient for a great workout. As always you can start the dosage low and gauge your tolerance to the product. Larger males will need a full serve.