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BIOFLEX Biobulker

BIOFLEX Biobulker

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What is it? 
BIOFLEX BIOBULKER is weight gainer for those looking for quality gains in muscle. The 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is great for recovery and lean gains in muscle mass. Just enough quality ingredients to promote muscle growth without the ridiculous amount of fat storing carbohydrates found in some other brands.

Who Should take it? 
People looking to add some extra lean mass to their body. Those people who don’t have enough time to get mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals in could benefit from adding a BIOBULKER shake in at these times.

What does it do?
Bioflex BIOBULKER is a combination of 2 quality Whey Proteins, a 3-phase carbohydrate blend and some MCT (medium chain triglycerides).
• Grass Fed Whey Protein concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate provide the body with a quality amino acid spectrum essential for recovery and building new muscle tissue.
• Three different carbohydrate sources are included to provide a sustained release of glucose to the muscles. Dextrose is the fast-acting carbohydrate and will begin to enter the bloodstream within minutes of consumption. Maltodextrin is a medium release carbohydrate, while the fine powdered oats provide a longer, sustained release of energy.
• MCT oil provides the body with a fast burning source of energy. Due to the structure of MCT, they cannot be stored as fat and must be utilized for energy.
 All round a great blend of nutrients to recover from a tough exercise session.

How do I take it?
One scoop BIOFLEX BIOBULKER after exercise sessions or can be used throughout the day for morning and afternoon tea to increase calories throughout the day. For larger males 1 ½ serves will be more suitable.