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GEN TEC Psyched 3.0 Pre-Workout
GEN TEC Psyched 3.0 Pre-Workout

GEN TEC Psyched 3.0 Pre-Workout

Gen Tec
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What is it?  GEN TEC PSCHCHED 3.0 Pre-workout is Gen Tec’s latest pre-workout offering with more gusto than version 2.0. It has been reformulated to improve on what was best described as a solid entry level pre-workout, now packing more of a punch and in this scribes opinion, a better product. Like the previous version it has been formulated to increase pumps, endurance, focus, strength and performance while exercising. With some funky new flavours, PSCHED 3.0 is going to be a popular addition to a lot of people’s gym bags.

Who Should take it?  While Version 2.0 was a great entry point to anyone new to pre-workouts, Version 3.0 is a slightly stronger formulation. Suitable for beginners and intermediate gym goers and sports people that want to get the most out of their exercise session.

What does it do? GENTEC PSYCHED 3.0 is a solid formula that aims to Increase pump (supply of blood and nutrients to the working muscles) as well as improved Strength and Mental focus.

The extra pump is delivered by a 3-grams of citruline as well as 1 gram of Arginine AKG. A lot of American formulas put more Citrulline than this but personally 3 grams is enough for me to feel a noticeable improvement in pump.

Creatine seems to be missing from half of new pre-workouts these days for reasons that are beyond me. Fortunately, this product has 3 grams of German CREAPURE brand creatine which is the gold standard by which all Creatines are measured by as far as purity. 

Stimulant content is sensible with 200mg of caffeine. This is less than some popular American brands however it is the equivalent of nearly 3 cups of coffee. New Stimulant on the block, Dynamine, stacks nicely with the caffeine to produce a fast-acting burst of energy, mental focus and Clarity. The added Tyrosine and B Vitamins will complement the caffeine/Dynamine and will be plenty to increase the energy and performance of most people.

How do I take it?  1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. For Females ½ scoop should be sufficient for a great workout. More experienced pre-workout users may need to go for 1 ½ scoops to produce the desired boost in intensity.