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BIOFLEX Biofurnace

BIOFLEX Biofurnace

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What is it? 
BIOFLEX BIOFURNACE is designed to get your metabolism up and firing. Protein content is high to help repair your muscles after exercise (guess what, your body can burn more calories repairing itself than it did in the exercise session). 9 key fat burning ingredients have also been included to help you trim down quicker. 

Who Should take it? 
Biofurnace can be used by males and females alike that are serious about getting their body into great shape.
Proflex can be used directly after exercise, with snacks between main meals, for cooking or even as a pre-bed night-time shake. Due to the inclusion of the WPC and Micellar Casein proteins, Proflex is great for Protein muffins, Protein cheesecake and Protein Banana Bread. Generally, WPI by itself doesn’t lend itself to baking as the muffins/etc don’t rise properly. When cooking with Proflex however you get the same texture and rise as the regular bakery (low protein) version.

What does it do? 
 Bioflex have blended equal portions of fast acting Whey Protein Isolate, Medium release Whey Protein Concentrate and Slow-release Micellar Casein. This provides an initial fast release of amino acids with the WPI, followed by a constant release over the next few hours. This gives the body a constant drip feeding of amino acids , essential for muscle growth and the repair you need after a tough exercise session.

How do I take it?
One scoop BIOFLEX PROFLEX directly after an exercise sessions or can be used throughout the day to provide extra Protein to your current eating plan. Check out our recipes section on the Blog for some nutritious Protein snacks utilizing Proflex.