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What is it?  BIOFLEX ALPHA is in our opinion the best value testosterone booster on the Australian market at the moment. A comprehensive formula that has several ingredients to increase natural Testosterone production, free Testosterone and also reduce Estrogen. Planet Max customers report a noticeable increase in recovery, energy levels, strength and libido while using BIOFLEX Alpha.

Who Should take it?  Natural Athletes and gym goers can use BIOFLEX ALPHA to increase Testosterone and experience all of the benefits from an improve Testosterone profile. Higher testosterone levels with reduced estrogen makes it easier to increase muscle mass while reducing body-fat.

As we get older the general pattern is to work longer hours with the added responsibility of a spouse, mortgage and children. If this sounds like your life then you don’t need me to tell you that your over-all energy levels are n’t what they used to be. Bioflex Alpha can bring them back up to normal or slightly above.

What does it do? BIOFLEX ALPHA has a combination of ingredients that will move your body into an more anabolic/energetic environment.

D-ASPARTIC ACID: binds with Sarcosine to a duel receptor that then signals the release of Luteinising hormone. Extra Luteinising Hormone will then signal extra Testosterone production. Most supplements don’t include the sarcosine but your body will make it naturally and D-aspartic acid supplementation in the dosage here will increase Testosterone by about 30% in just 7 days. If you can get hold of 3grams of choline or sarcosine daily the D-Aspartic acid will work even better.

TRIBULUS TERRITRAS: research on Testosterone improvements with Tribulas are underwhelming in terms of results. Animal Studies showing improvements in libido, Testosterone levels, immune system activity and anti-depression effects have all been positive. Our guess at this stage is that taken by itself Tribulas may not improve testosterone much but may offer some other health benefits. Not to worry, the Tongkat Ali will get the job done.

TONKAT ALI: an extract from a tree in Indonesia that has been shown in several studies to improve Testosterone levels, fatigue and libido. Not only is it useful for males with low testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali also produced strength and muscle mass increases in healthy males under 25.

AVENA SATIVA: has been included to free natural testosterone from it’s bound form. While it is advantageous to increase your active free-testosterone levels, we have had trouble finding studies to support the claim that Avena Sativa will accomplish this goal. We recommend some simple carbs around exercise as the insulin release will definitely encourage your liver to free up the testosterone from the Albumin or SHBG it is bound to.

ZINC: needed in the body for about 200 different essential reactions/processes, Zinc is a great addition to any Males supplement regime.

DIM is an interesting compound because it acts differently depending on the dosage. At around 100mg per day DIM will Interfere with the conversion of testosterone to Estrogen. Bottom line is you keep more of your testosterone for muscle repair and less estrogen to interfere with fat loss. DIM may also help convert the more potent forms of Estrogen to the less active forms. The less active forms still bind to the receptor, though they usually don’t send a very strong signal. Remember Estrogen is vital for both Male and Female health so we don’t want to eliminate it, we are just insuring levels don’t become too high and the type of estrogens present are predominately the milder versions.


How do I take it? 3-4  BIOFLEX ALPHA capsule daily will produce a notable improvement in performance. While it is rare, some people notice unwanted increases in libido and impatience. If this is the case for you then drop dosage back to 2 capsules daily.

BONUS ROUND: While it will not turn you into an aggressive animal (unless you already have an issue around controlling anger or annoyance), Testosterone will sharpen your mind and give you focus. This is one of the roles of Testosterone along with giving the average male a better sense of well-being. If you notice a decrease in tolerance for procrastinating or laziness then this could be a great opportunity for you to make some productive changes to your work and social life. Testosterone is not just about muscle and libido, it is essential for healthy mental function, use it wisely.

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