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DYMATIZE Super Mass Gainer


What is it?  DYMATIZE Super Mass Gainer has been formulated for those people who struggle to maintain or add bodyweight. The 5:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is ideal for those who have super-fast metabolisms and want to fill out their frames with the gains.

Who Should take it?  Because of the huge number of calories, you need to be able to process them or you will get fat (if people are paying you on the internet to watch you eat food and gain fat then this won’t be a problem #feeder).  The two groups of people that will benefit from this mega-calorie super shake are skinny teenagers or people who burn a ton of calories doing manual work. Sometimes there is only so much solid food you can get in and it is easier to drink a few extra calories.

What does it do? Dymatize Super Mass Gainer provides you with a convenient way of getting in extra calories for those people that struggle to maintain weight.

Super Mass Gainer has a combination of 5 quality Protein sources ranging from super-fast absorbing hydrolysed WPI to slow releasing Casein. The carbohydrates come in the form of maltodextrin.

The added vitamins and mineral may assist in general health and sporting performance.

How do I take it? One serve of DYMATIZE SUPER MASS GAINER (4 scoops) generally proves too much for most PLANETMAX customers. We recommend half of this (2 scoops). If you feel you really need the extra calories then assimilation will be much better if you split the 4 scoops serve over 2 feedings. There is no point trying to force the full serve in if you are only going to throw-up or be too full to eat again for 5 hours. Trust me, split the serve up.

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