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What is it?  NORTECH 100% NORWEGIAN WHEY is an all-natural high protein formula designed to assist with recovery while ensuring you aren’t getting any nasty artificial flavours and colours. 100% WHEY is from grass fed, hormone free cows and is 100% GMO free.  By manufacturing using cross flow micro filtration, fats and carbohydrates are very low and the quality of the protein is not compromised by heat or acid used in other inferior filtration methods. Three great flavours to choose from, chocolate, vanilla or Strawberry.

Who Should take it?  NORTECH 100% NORWEGIAN WHEY can be used by anyone that needs some quality protein directly after exercise to accelerate the recovery process. Because NORTECH have spent a fortune getting their products tested for FDA approval, Non GMO and Lab tested for banned substances, drug tested Athletes and those wanting very CLEAN products can rest assured.

What does it do?   NORTECH sources their Whey from Grass Fed Norwegian Cows with most of the lactose and fat being removed through cold filtering processes. Whey Protein gets absorbed very quickly and is ideal for directly before or after exercise. Whey is the highest natural source of BCAA, which tend to get metabolised heavily during exercise. This again makes Whey the best option for post sport/gym muscle recovery.

NORTECH 100% Whey Protein retains the valuable biological micropeptides of the whey protein (glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase). These tiny natural components of the whey protein have been shown to efficiently support the immune system and trigger the building process of the muscle cells.

How do I take it? One scoop NORTECH 100% NORWEGIAN WHEY directly after an exercise session or can be used throughout the day to provide extra Protein to your current eating plan. If you are having it in a smoothie for morning or afternoon tea, just add some slow release protein like milk or some yogurt to give you a more sustained release. More muscular People may require 2 scoops


to satisfy their protein requirements.

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