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What is it?  KILLER LABZ have 2 high stimulant pre-workouts to choose from. The one we are road testing today, THE DESTROYER also offers some pump and performance ingredients to go with the big surge in energy. For those people only looking for a great pump without the stimulants KILLER LABZ NOXIOUS is a better option.

Who should take it? This is a strong pre-workout that is best suited to those with some long term experience with pre-workouts.

People under 75 kg, females and those people who want to keep their stimulant levels in the sensible range will have to take a reduced dose of DESTROYER to avoid being over-stimulated.

Remember, we take pre-workouts to improve performance and get us to our goals a fraction earlier. Taking too much stimulant will actually detract from performance, you may have trouble staying completely focused on the task.

Bottom line, only take enough pre-workout to get the job done properly. For team sports such as AFL, Rugby, Hockey and Basketball, half a serve will be plenty.

What does it do? KILLER LABZ DESTROYER has a whopping dose of 350mg of caffeine along with 300mg of beta-PEA. If that was enough stims there is also some Hordinine and new kid on the block, N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric acid. The N-methyl bla bla is being touted as the new DMAA, its early days yet however DESTROYER does deliver a huge boost to your energy levels.

There is a decent 1500mg of beta-alanine here to reduce lactic acid and improve your endurance, this dosage can cause the famous Beta-Alanine itch that will usually subside after 10 minutes or so.  3000mg of Citruline is plenty to give you a nice pump with the added bonus of fast removal of waste products from the targeted muscle groups.

How do I take it?  Males will require between ¾ to 1 scoops in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise, while most women will only need ½ a scoop to get a great pre-workout boost.


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