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DAY ONE PRIME Pre-workout

DAYONE PRIME Pre-workout

What is it?  DAYONE is a new Australian company that is shaking up the industry by bringing quality, heavily dosed products to market. PRIME Pre-workout is another example of dosing up a product with the actual amounts of ingredients used in the studies…no fairy sprinkles here. This is a Pre-workout designed to extend your performance without the big crash afterwards.

Who Should take it?  This formula is beneficial for improving focus, energy and a great pump. Generally, half a serve will be enough for newbies, teenagers and small females. Those that are regular pre-workout users may need between ½ and a full serve. Will give you a boost on those days when you can’t seem to find your mojo.

What does it do? PRIME is a comprehensive Pre-workout with a precise range of ingredients designed to improve focus, pump, training intensity and performance.

PUMP: Creatine Nitrate and Agmatine are doing most of the heavy lifting here, however the 2 grams of Glycerol powder may offer a slight extra synergy.

ENERGY: Caffeine is a thumping 350mg, if that doesn’t wake you up nothing will. To balance out all the caffeine and give you a smoother pick-up Teacrine, Synephrine and Magniferin Indica have been included.

FOCUS: Alpha GPC, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Hordeum all provide support to the nervous system and reduce any crash you may usually get from the Caffiene.

PERFORMANCE: Beta-Alanine will kick in fast to reduce lactic acid, should be a noticeable improvement in endurance right from your first dose. Taurine is beneficial on nervous system health and function as well as providing a temporary reduction in blood pressure. The caffeine can increase blood pressure while the taurine undoes this unwanted side effect, a perfect combination.

How do I take it?  Between ½ to 1 serve should be enough for most people. With this formula you really don’t need to be going over 1 serve. ½ to 1 serve, 20-30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water we think is sufficient for a great workout boost.

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