What is it?  Get ready for a turbo charged workout experience as the good folk at BPMLabs, never resting on their laurels, have birthed a new Heavy Hitting Pre-workout formula to the market. Guaranteed to be the strongest formula legally on the Australian market.

Who Should take it?  This product is designed for those wanting to push their exercise sessions to the utmost levels. Beginners and those people that feel they only need a small (sensible) boost can still use this product but a half serve is going to be the way to go.

What does it do? BPMLABS OVERKILL has a 3-pronged attack formula to provide Energy, Focus and Strength.

Energy Matrix: English Walnut is offering up a smooth boost in energy to compliment the relatively large dose of caffeine. Hordenine and Halostachys extract round out the formula and provide a prolonged source stamina and endurance. The Halostachys extract is a relative new-comer to the supplement industry and has been shown to help release stored fatty acids into the blood for use as extra energy (commonly called fat burning).

Nootropic Matrix: This mix of Theobroma and Huperzine give a smooth focus, with enough clarity to get the job done. There is no point having so much energy that you can’t focus on the job at hand. Moving forward more Pre-workout formulas will be including Nootropic type ingredients.

Strength and Pump Matrix: Beta Alanine helps keep Lactic acid levels in check, allowing for more reps or higher workloads. Pump is provided by a big dose of Citruline and Glycerol.

How do I take it? 1 scoop 20-30 minutes before exercise in 200ml of water for those that want to smash all their Personal Best Lifts. Personally, I just use half a scoop and find that it is plenty to get this old body cranking.


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