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What is it?  BPMLABS The HAMMER OF GOD is the latest product from an Australian company that always delivers with quality and STRENGTH. Now with BPMLABS you can choose between 2 very strong pre-workout formulas, Hammer of God or the ONE. While they do roughly the same thing for your performance in the gym, the ingredients used in each formula are different enough to insure your body doesn’t get used to them. Just keep rotating these 2 pre-workouts to guarantee a significant boost every session.

Who Should take it?  This product is designed for the serious gym goer. The cool thing is that 1 scoop is strong, yet sensible while 2 scoops (50 scoops per container) is strong enough to keep a Rhino going for hours.

What does it do? BPMLABS Hammer of God has a combination of ingredients designed to increase mental focus, strength, pump, endurance and energy.

The Stimulant / Focus component is even stronger than BPMLABS THE ONE and as such, makes it one of the strongest Pre-workouts on the market. The combination of Caffeine, Theacrine, Synephrine and Kucha tea provide a strong and sustained surge of energy. The Theacrine and Kucha tea also provide anti-inflammatory affects without increasing blood. Combining Theacrine and caffeine is a much healthier way of boosting energy than just increasing the total dose of caffeine.

While most products use Arginine or Citrulline to improve pump, Hammer of God utilises the new Vaso6. Vaso6 is an extract of green tea that gives a nice boost to pump, while allowing you to take a break from your usual pump-up ingredients.

Hammer of God also has a large dose of Beta-alanine to reduce lactic acid and allow you to power through fatigue and get the work-out completed in style. No point dragging your ass through the last 20 minutes, power through to the finish line then colapse.

How do I take it? 1 scoop 20-30 minutes before exercise in 200ml of water.  2 scoops for seasoned Pre-workout users. For team sports participants and Boxers/ Martial artists trial THE ONE during training first as you don’t want to be over stimulated during the big game/tournament.


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