What is it?  This is unlike any other product we have sold before here at PLANETMAX and we are quite excited with its possibilities.  BPM LABS CB2 oil is an extract from Hemp that has been used by millions of people to improve digestion, improve joint health and reduce anxiety. While CB2 oil is derived from the Hemp plant, it contains no THC and thus has no psychoactive effects like smoking marijuana (Cannabis). Note Hemp seed oil and CB2 oil are not the same thing, Hemp seed oil is great for cooking but does not have the active Terpenes that CB2 oil has. 

Who Should take it?  This product has 3 main uses, improved digestion, improved joint function with some relief from pain and also relief from mild anxiety. Regular CB2 oil users report numerous other benefits but these are the most common applications of the oil.

What does it do? BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil has 300mg of Terpenes per serve. Terpenes are organic chemicals produced by most plants and even some animals. Terpenes are a broad group of aromatic compounds that have distinct aromas like those found in Lemons or pine trees. The CB2 terpenes extracted from Hemp are Beta-Caryophyllene and Mycene. 

Both of these Terpenes activate the CB2 receptor which are located in tissue like your digestive tract, tonsils, spleen and thymus gland. Bottom line, Terpenes activate parts of your immune system in a positive manner. More research needs to be done, but there is evidence that CB2 oil may be one of several useful tools in helping to manage Chrohn’s disease and IBS.

How do I take it? Dosage is very simple, 1ml prior to sleep. This article has been written to introduce you to a new supplement and be an introduction to further teachings on the subject. For conditions like, but not limited to  Chrohn’s disease and Anxiety you should be talking to your Doctor.

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