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What is it?  Blackstone Labs DUSTV2 pre-workout has been around for a while now which is unusual for the supplement industry. The reason that it has stayed the course is it’s still a solid pre-workout that will give you a noticeable boost to your exercise sessions. 

Who Should take it?  This formula has enough kick in it for the most seasoned of pre-workout enthusiasts. Suitable for most team sports to keep you powering through to the final whistle.

What does it do? DUST V2 is unfortunately a proprietary blend so we aren’t quite sure exactly how much of each ingredient is present. The ingredients are still listed so let’s look at what they do.

Energy/Focus is provided by the combination of caffeine, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Betel nut extract and Tyramine.

Endurance: Beta Alanine will reduce lactic acid and allow you to train longer

Pump: Is important for performance and also the removal of waste products from the muscle, L-Citrulline, Agmatine and L-Norvaline provide a three-pronged approach to a better pump.  

It would be nice to see the actual quantities however this proprietary blend does deliver on Energy, Pump and improved performance.

How do I take it?  1/2 to 1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. If you are training at night, it may be better to take the pre=workout a few hours before training. It will still be in your system while you are training but taking it early might result in being able to go to sleep at a sensible time.

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