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What is it?  BIOFLEX RIPPED CAPSULES are great for boosting the fat burning process while you are exercising and eating well.  While not quite as strong as the BIOFLEX DAY SHRED powdered formula, the RIPPED capsules are convenient and particularly suited to beginners or people who don’t want to go too heavy on the stimulants.

Who Should take it?  BIOFLEX RIPPED CAPSULES can be used by males and females alike that are looking to accelerate the fat burning process or have extra energy while they train. With only 80mg of caffeine per serve (roughly the same amount as a standard coffee) as well as some Synephrine and Green tea, there are enough fat-burning ingredients without having to worry about over-stimulation of the nervous system (please be kind to your nervous system, it is important)

What does it do   BIOFLEX RIPPED has a variety of different ingredients designed to target fat via several complimentary path-ways.

  • All Stimulants signal fat cells to start releasing fatty acids to be processed and BIOFLEX RIPPED utilizes caffeine and Synephrine to get the party started.
  • Sesamin Extract is a promising ingredient. Other than it’s beneficial actions protecting Vitamin E, there are some preliminary studies showing possible anti-estrogen qualities and an ability to reduce formation of new fat cells.
  • Green Tea has a variety of beneficial properties ranging from anti-oxidant, improved circulation and improved body-fat utilisation.
  • Chromium forms part of a complex called GTF (glucose tolerance factor) that helps regulate glucose disposal in muscle cells. When this is functioning properly, glucose will enter muscles faster and there is a reduction in fat being deposited. This is a mild longer term effect, but definitely an important one.


How do I take it? 1-2 capsules BIOFLEX  RIPPED 30 minutes before an exercise session or can be used first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism. Some people may have to have a second serving 5-6 hours later to keep metabolism high. While BIOFLEX RIPPED is a great choice for beginners, after using 1 bottle many PLANETMAX customers will switch over to the stronger BIOFLEX DAYSHRED to continue trimming up.

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